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  1. I have RO for my reef.....that would work well. I am breeding metae corydora right now and will be playing with sterbai. The blue acara are good parents up to a point. I usually pull cory eggs and use a tumbler or breeder box. The angels have been a pain. I typically do a breeder box hanging in the tank (for temp) with methylene blue and daily changes. That gets a decent number to free swimming and I feed them fresh hatch BBS. Unfortunately in the breeder box the disappear over time. I probably need a smaller established tank instead...
  2. Perhaps I need to look elsewhere then. My angel fry get to free swimming and die off. My electric blue acara do better, but I have had issues loosing a few here and there as they grow out. Lately at around an inch I seem to be loosing 1 or 2 a day. My metae cory are spawning regularly but perhaps 20% of the eggs make it to free swimming.
  3. So really I should be adjusting what I keep. I have no issues keeping the fish I have, but breeding has been a struggle.
  4. My tap water has me wondering what to do. GH is 300+ppm (17+ dgh), but my kh is 80 ppm (4.5 dgh) and ph 6.7. I keep angels, electric blue acara, and various corydoras right now. I don't like the super high GH, but also feel like I should be buffering my kh since its a little low and so is my PH. Any bright ideas? I have a fish room and I am an aspiring breeder and I think my water parameters are causing trouble with spawning and fry survival.
  5. That is interesting. I was thinking about using my Ziss, but wasn't sure how to keep it full if I used a dosing pump.
  6. Right now I have electric blue acara, angelfish, and a few varieties of corydoras (melini, metae, and sterbai). The EBA are prolific, the rest I am still trying to breed.
  7. My tanks are far from mature, but the hornwort is growing fast. Most of the fish I am breeding are good parents and the fry stay in with them so at some point I will have a seasoned mature planted setup. In the meantime I am half thinking about using an auto-feeder and fry food. It won't target the fry and I will have to play with it to limit the output, but that is my best idea so far. My worst idea is some sort of BBS hatchery with an auto-feeder to add eggs and a dosing pump to deliver the BBS. Sometimes a propensity for DIY is a bad thing.
  8. I am new to fish breeding but have had some success and have multiple tanks with fry and or eggs. With new fry I have been feeding BBS every few hours during the day. I am thinking ahead to this summer when we will go camping and adult fish can easily weather the time without feeding I wonder how long young fry can be left (hours, days, etc) and how I can feed them as needed when I cant be there. I didn't see a Dean video on this so I am hoping to lean on the communities experience here.
  9. I have been giving medicated food with kanaplex/metroplex using focus and garlic guard so I am good there. I am not sure how much it eats vs the snails. This fish didn't eat at all a week ago, but I see it sifting through sand now so I am believe its eating when I am not watching (at least a little). Thank you again for the advice.
  10. The ram that I moved to a hospital tank has started eating, but has also developed some gruesome growths on both sides of its head. Do these pictures I'd issue? I have been assume septicemia, but would like the help of an experienced eye.
  11. It did and thank you again.
  12. I am not saying they are a bad design but I went with the stands Joey King of DIY did and when floor to ceiling as racks. It let me avoid the lag bolts, but admittedly uses more lumber. They were very easy to build.
  13. That was a typo. It 7.41 ph and 0 chlorine.
  14. @ColuMy main tank is very cloudy today after removing carbon from the cannister and dosing paracleanse. Should I be concerned? I am not sure if it's due to messing with the filter or the med.
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