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  1. I have a Fluval Flex 32.5 planted tank. My wife and son are challenging me to stock it with the MOST colourful freshwater fish possible lol. We want it to be peaceful so want to stick with Tetras, Rasboras and peaceful Barb's. No livebearers and no Glo Fish please. What species would you suggest for bottom dwellers, mid level and upper level inhabitants? I'm trying to think outside the box and steer away from the usual suspects but it's not easy. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
  2. I have a 30 gallon planted tank with several fish including 4 Espei Rasbora that are doing well. Three weeks ago I picked up another three of them (a bit smaller) to make the school larger. Since I got the three new ones all they do is hang out in the top corner, it's been three weeks now. Why are they scared to join the existing school?
  3. We just noticed that pour Fluval 406 canister filter stopped working late last night due to a power outage. When the power came back on the impeller must have jammed. It hasen't worked for about 17 hours. Is the beneficial bacteria still alive? It it safe to turn it on without cleaning out all the media?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I have watched that video several times. I am looking for more detail in regards to the base as in how it sit on the floor. Also how the top of the rack is finished. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of designing my fish room. Where would I be able to get the most amount of details on the rack at the Co-Op? I would like to basically copy the design. The areas that I cannot figure out from the videos is basically how the base and the top is designed. The actual racking system is well explained in an older video. Thanks Canuck
  6. I've been battling with H. Septicemia for a few months now in two of my tanks. I've pretty much tried evey medication with zero success. Fish are not dying, just becoming more and more red 😞 I think it's time to let them go. In total I will need to euthanize around 6-7 fish at once. To be honest this almost makes me want to quit the hobby altogether. I am going to use clove oil in a large plastic container. Has anyone else ever had to kill so many fish at one time? Need support here 😞
  7. We should all share our ideas on 55g breeding for profit set ups. I am in the process of putting one together. After watching several of Corey's videos on breeding for profit, here is what I have come up with. 2M/4F guppy or endler (i can't decide) 1M/2F Ancistrus or a fancy pleco such as Blue Phantom Cherry Shrimp Corydoras (will try for Sterbai if I can find some) Java Moss or Juppy Grass What do you think of this set up and do you see any issues?
  8. I need to buy a whole bunch of these but i'm in Canada 😞 Corey please figure something out for your Canadian followers!!!
  9. I sometimes use Reef salt as therapy for my african cichlids and i must say that it works really well. Not sure I would use it on fish that prefer softer water however.
  10. What ratio of bleach solution? I'm going to fill a bin and throw all my decorations and equipment in there. Also for how long should it soak in the solution for?
  11. I searched the forums and to my surprise I didn't find any posts on the ethics of fishkeeping. I've been in the hobby for just over 20 years and it's something that I've struggled with as I got older. I'm now in my mid 40's. I stopped keeping birds a long time ago because birds were born to fly and not to be kept in a cage. Sometimes I feel the same way about fish. We take them from the wild for our pleasure. I'd like to hear you arguments with the hopes of someone saying something to make me feel better about keeping fish in captivity.
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