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Enough Light for Water Lettuce?

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Never mind the photo bombing cat. I have water lettuce in my main tank and am considering putting some in this 5 gallon. The hood for the 5 gallon does not have a light. I put in lights under the stand. Would this be enough light for water lettuce?  Is it safe for a female guppy and guppy fry (not housed at the same time) to have the hood off for 8 or so hours a day for the light to get through?


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On 1/17/2022 at 8:14 PM, Cinnebuns said:

@Levi_Aquatics @Mmiller2001 the concern I have with just trying it is that requires having female guppy or fry (whichever is housed there at the time) to be without a hood for the light hours. I'm assuming fry don't jump out so mom might be the only concern?

Lower water level by an inch.

I have a video of one of my male endlers jumping during a feeding frenzy. Guppies and endlers are capable of jumping, and will... when they need to. If they are regularly fed, and have sufficient plant cover around the edges of the tank, and water level is kept 1" to 1½" below the rim, you should not find any fish out of the aquarium. 

If you have males, make it 3" below the edge😅

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