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On 1/8/2022 at 10:21 PM, Guppysnail said:

Those reds look amazingly healthy! 

I've had this colony for a few years now. Been very happy with how solid the whites are and the vibrancy of the colors over all.

Speaking of "reds", I was also shooting my Odessas again this weekend!P1010302.jpg.cc121838b98034e0051df15207868339.jpg

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On 1/8/2022 at 10:48 PM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

CRS correct @tolstoy21
It looks like you’ve put a lot of time and care into this line. They’re excellent! 
Your Odessa’s look Greg Sagesque with that red blaze. Another spectacular aquatic critter! 

My Odessa’s are from Greg Sage. I got a some from him a couple years back and have bred them a few times since then. 

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