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Random Discoveries: January 1, 2022

Fish Folk

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Found this Neocaridina thriving in my German Blue Ram grow-out tank. No idea what color it’s supposed to be. Black? Brown? Half Red / half Blue? No idea where he came from…

These Electric Blue Acaras are growing out for sale this New Year. Looks like they’ve already been spawning. This tiny  one just can’t be from the original batch. Talk about being born in a rough neighborhood!

We grow water wisteria in most of our tanks (hygrophilia difformis). This plant has decided to move from immersed to emmersed, sending very different leaves above the water line…

Someone survived amidst the jam packed crew of golden white clouds. Tiny dancer, do your thing…


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@Fish Folk If I remember right, blue dreams came from a chocolate line.  So this is likely a geriatric female blue dream that popped out chocolate and then has gone rusty with age.  The rusty is not a problem, just a color change that can happen as they age.

Cracking up about your tiny dancer that’s micro but bold as brass, and your EBA that looks like it’s accidentally wandered into a bad neighborhood after midnight and doesn’t know what to do next.

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