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Pebble substrate with plants

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F8360149-C534-417F-AF1D-21936C932106.jpeg.40511bc0725ff4dbbbca102a80dfa1dd.jpeg4804E87C-845D-4437-B9CE-52C597338DD6.jpeg.e6796ac0bac112a96b6704ea851a8eb5.jpegB4236104-90D1-47F8-9FD8-AF396F93BE81.jpeg.4dbb809877aa41404e655b0d935d825a.jpeg7D3813CB-A6CE-4F58-B915-751F5CE12386.jpeg.74e9731f1bcf9332498b166c7f125709.jpegMy 55g tank is what I’m assuming would be considered moderately planted. My substrate is just pebble substrate. Is that okay? Most of these plants have been growing well for 2-3 months at this point so I would think if something was wrong I would know by now? Some are heavy root feeders but those get root tabs frequently and I also use liquid fertilizer as needed but they all seem to be doing mostly well. I have considered switching substrate or making sections of different substrate but I think that would do more harm than good at this point. Opinions?

(All live plants except for the large one to the far left of the picture.)

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Your tank looks great--what a nice blend of textures in your plants! I also have plants in plain gravel, though my gravel is a bit smaller in size,.

As fish mulm accumulates and the clay from the root tabs builds up over time (assuming you are using root tabs like the Co-op's that have clay in them) you will have more 'soil' in the substrate than you started with.

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