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  1. @eatyourpeasyou put them directly into your aquarium?
  2. @Streetwisetheyre in my tank. Someone just told me that this can cause huge ammonia and nitrite spikes.
  3. Received my Aquarium Co-op plant order earlier than expected but I don’t know that I’m going to have time to plant tonight. Would it be okay to leave the plants in their pots in my tank? I’m hearing conflicting things about doing this and now I’m worried. They’ve already been in there for several hours…
  4. I’m finding conflicting information in my planted tank journey so I’m curious what planted tank owners have to say. What should nitrates be at in a moderately planted tank? I’ve heard “keep at 5-10ppm no matter what” and I’ve heard “anywhere from 20-50ppm.” Which is it!? Mine hover around 10-20 mostly, maybe slightly higher if I’ve just added ferts or root tabs. My tank is…I’m not sure, I guess lightly to moderately planted?
  5. Anyone seen these before? I found them at Walmart this weekend and was like 🤔 to clean tank walls!? Lol. Any idea if these would be safe to use?
  6. My 55g tank is what I’m assuming would be considered moderately planted. My substrate is just pebble substrate. Is that okay? Most of these plants have been growing well for 2-3 months at this point so I would think if something was wrong I would know by now? Some are heavy root feeders but those get root tabs frequently and I also use liquid fertilizer as needed but they all seem to be doing mostly well. I have considered switching substrate or making sections of different substrate but I think that would do more harm than good at this point. Opinions? (All live plants except for the large one to the far left of the picture.)
  7. @813aquatics I’ve never tried the Aquaclear so can’t really compare this to that. But I must say so far I have no lid rattle, no overflow and it self primes instantly without issue. I have read that some people do have those same issues with the topfin pro though.
  8. @Zeithelden I am using the one with the holes and even then need to baffle the flow. I have a tank full of “low flow” peeps. I worry about them getting pushed around too much. I suppose I could put my suction cup soap dishes back in but was hoping to not have to use those anymore.
  9. @Zeitheldenso here’s how it’s currently set up. And this is not even halfway open and you can see how high the water line is.
  10. @Zeithelden hmm the only media I have in there is what came with it and then in the area where the outflow is I have some thin bits of polyfil that I moved over from the old filter. So maybe the polyfil is what’s causing the issue?
  11. Hey all! New here. I’m running the pro series 110 in my 55g planted tank. Just set it up last weekend and so far I’m loving it! The only thing that I can’t figure out is why I can run it with the max filter flow. As soon as I turn the dial more than halfway the red ‘change media’ indicator shows and the water level in the filter rises to the very top! Anyone know what could be going on?!
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