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Treating minor issue on Angelfish


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I noticed this tiny white fungus? on my angelfish.  I'm assuming it orginated from an injury when he got himself in a tither while I was cleaning the tank last week. He swam into/under the corner just as I was propping up a piece of driftwood to clean under it. 

I noticed it yesterday as I was doing the regular w/c. I opted to dose Melafix and pick up Pimafix today as I decided to treat it as a minor issue.  I dosed the entire 40g as I don't decent sized quarantine for him. 

I added a 2nd dose this morning and a few hours later I was surprised it was almost gone (see 3rd/4th photo) or fell off. Should I dose for the rest of the weak and/or use the Pimafix a few days as antiseptic?








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Several times, my angel has gotten similar white areas toward the end of his dangly fins (usually the 2 pectoral fins). Each time, the fin would appear to bend at that spot, then bend more as if broken, then eventually the white and the part of the fin below it would be gone. I don't know what it is, but I thought I'd share that it happens to mine, too. 

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On 12/8/2021 at 2:13 PM, Colu said:

As it a long fined variety it could have broken a fin ray I don't think it's anything to worry should get better on it own

Well a few hours ago I took this photo. So going to do an antiseptic dose to be sure.  It seems to have broken/fallen off. 😀


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