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  1. 🤣 well I started doing H2O changes with matched or slightly warmer water. Although I wonder if the fact I'm at a slightly higher elevation 1600ft as part of the Pocono mountains and we get swings in air pressure 🤷‍♀️
  2. Do they slow down breeding as the tank gets fuller (critical mass) ?? Or is there a way to get them to calm down with the egg laying ?
  3. Dinner time they're all over the place. For the longest time I thought there was only 2 or 3 of them. Everytime I look/feed/clean there seems to be more 🤣 And I'm peeling eggs of stuff once a week or so.
  4. I seem to have the opposite issue with breeding my Bandit cories. The 2nd photo are the brood I'm trading/selling with a couple LFS. However, he 1st photo is my 29g tank with my main school & where I have been removing eggs as birth control. I thought I missed a couple eggs but it turns out the 2 or 3 lil ones I saw turned into about 9-12. 😳 .... Do colonies hit critical mass ? I'm trying to control the amount in the tank for obvious reasons. There is also a bn and 7 rasboras and the 4 adults, 2 older juveniles and 9? young. I'd just like them to slow their roll so to speak 😁
  5. Previously there were 3 bn growing out 2 of whom have been moved. I also keep extra sponges if I need a quarantine. I have several tanks I run extra sponge in and occasionally breed bn and bandit cories. Just traded a few bn for the tetras and a betta. While I'm used to a lot of other fish this is my first betta 🤓 I have an intake sponge on and can always keep the water high. I was thinking due to the bn poop master using the sponge would be better. Choices choices 🤪
  6. Thanks in advance for any advice. 😃 I run 1 or 2 sponge filters w/ my HOB in my 20g. I presently have a bn, 8 ember tetras, and some cherry shrimp culls. I am planning on adding a betta that's presently in quarantine. (He's sharing quarantine w/ neon tetras for another tank to see if he is aggressive 😇) Will removing the HOB and just leaving the sponge filter ruin my cycle ? The HOB is a 20g Aqueon w/intake sponge and using ceramic + sponge Is there anything I should do special to avoid that possibility? Or should I just use the HOB ? Trying to control flow for the betta. 🤔
  7. I have cherry shrimp and recently new babies. I also have 2 nerite snails. I would like to get more and also put culls in another tank. I also wanted to use leaf litter for my newly cycled 40. I also use catappa for my cory eggs and both bn pleco & cory fry. The plecos love the biofilm that grows on them. Would boiling them 10 min or so tone down their reducing properties w/o destroying much of the needed nutrients?
  8. As you see a few hrs after a w/c there is virtually no Kh registering. (Pic#2). Are you saying its just gradually adding potassium & calcium until its bumped up a little. I've actually used Tums for adding calcium. I'm afraid of Ph dropping too low w/catappa for my shrimp & plecos fry. The wood is in every one of my tanks. Because of my water I'm running all S American tanks/fish. I just finished cycling a new 40 & was debating on adding leaf litter. Would oak leaves be better ? Thanks for the video. Going to watch this after I'm done my w/c for the day. 🙂
  9. My tap water is soft. 30 TDS. 1st photo Tap that sat overnight. 2nd My regular tanks that have Driftwood and/or catappa leaves 3rd My Shrimp tank after adding Baking soda to raise Kh back up. Wood and catappa I was given 2 nerite snails. I'd like to add a few snails and leaf litter to a couple tanks. In my shrimp tank I also use Aqueon Shrimp Essentials for minerals and have success w/molt and babies . I'm concerned that about Ph craziness and how I can at least maintain a Ph of 6.8. Is Seachem Equilibrium something I should consider or other additives ? I know its not good to chase parameters but these are rather low. It's been great for breeding my cory metae and bristlenose but w/wood and leaves I worry it will get too low.
  10. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    Well I'll do a 50% change tomorrow as I did a change this morning and treated. Will pop purigen or carbon in.
  11. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    I have prazipro, but ParaCleanse seems better suited but I can't get til Monday unless a store 1hr away and is only open on weekends has it. 😖
  12. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    With metroplex does it get worse before it gets better ?
  13. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    Started the Metro a when I got it. This was 2 days ago. I noticed 1 white bump on 2nd GBR and immediately divided the tank to treat him too. Now that they're both in the hospital tank, should I worry about my phantom tetras ?? Besides a big w/c should I treat that tank just in case for a week?
  14. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    Metroplex delivered tomorrow or Friday just in case
  15. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    To me it looks better. The white is gone but I can't tell if itsjust faded/scar or a hole. Will take another photo tomorrow.
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