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One of my cherry barbs got a swollen eye but left in with others for two or three more days. When second eye swelled moved to quarantine tank. Started using a bacterial cure I got from Petco, that called for a tsp every other day for three douses. After that did a water change and started the treatment over as no visible improvement but swam with good energy. Almost done with a second week of treatment and noticed today the fish seems to be swimming mostly on his side eyes both still swollen. Ph6.8 Nitrates 0  GH150+  KH180+ Temp 73. Is this something else or complications from popeye? All other fish from main tank normal. 



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If Popeye's effecting both.eyes it more than likely caused by a bacterial infection I agree with @xXInkedPhoenixX you need to treat with antibiotic medication I would treat with maracyn2 or kanaplex as it's  adsorbed thought the skin and gills of fish if you use maracyn you will need to add it to his food

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