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  1. Water 25ppm Nitrate 0ppm Nitrite GH 300 KH 180 ph 7.5 Temperature 72 F 36 gal planted tank with 5 panda corys, 1 hilstream loach, snails, and 9 Cherry Barbs. All fish have been in my tank for about 2 years, not sure how old barbs were at pet store but I think they were juveniles because of how they grew and then stopped. One of my cherry barbs is not able to maintain her level in the water anymore. She has to constantly flap her tail to stay or go up. Her roll left to right is good, she is still straight up and down. Has also started to gulp air at surface often. No changes to tank in past two months only note would be the room is normally 75F and tank about 76F but as the winter has come room now 70-72F so the tank is cooler. Her spine is starting to slope down sharply after her dorsal fin I am assuming to accommodate for her new swimming style. I had another barb last month sink to the bottom and lay on his side. Moved that guy to quarantine tank and treated with salt. I tried using a heater to warm up the quarantine tank and did a bacterial treatment. Neither fish has any pineconing but he was always on his side unlike current fish that is only sinking upright. Tried to feed the guy barb with tongs for weeks but he never ingested any food. We were going out of town and he had lost alot of weight so we euthanized him since we could not follow up with anymore treatment. Hoping to be able to more for this barb.
  2. Got some Anubias Nana from Aquashella Dallas this past weekend, (great time). When I got home I put them in the tank in their cups until I would have time to set them where I wanted them. A few days later and I noticed some whitish speckles on one of the leaves. It looked like substrate just sitting on the leaf but I have black sand as substrate and it does not brush off. The spots feel raised and sticky and are not easily removed when scraping with my nail. It is only on one or two leaves right now. Any ideas on what this is and the treatment. I am thinking I'll pinch off the affected leaves but wanted more understanding incase it persist.
  3. After watching Seaspiracy (on Netflix) we stopped buy fish based cat food for our cats. My wife and I were already almost completely vegan ourselves. Don't know if that changes anyone's answer to my question if I clarified it was chicken cat food I fed my fish. Luckily there are bug based foods for fish.
  4. So the other day I had finished feeding my cats and noticed a little wet food left in the can. I was already going to feed my fish next and thought, maybe they would like the cat food. So I added in some very small pieces one by one and they seemed to go crazy for it. My wife has done loads of research to make sure the cat food we use is clean high quality stuff. I am not worried about an ammonia spike as the tank is planted, understocked and seasoned. I think the ingredients should be fairly similar to fish food, at least the first few are. And the fish seem to like the new option. Has anyone else tried using a little canned cat food in their fish tank? Does anyone know right away that maybe a certain additive commonly used in cat food is deadly to fish?
  5. No problem @Hobbit, I am still figuring out this forum stuff. I for sure overheated mine by lowering the flow with a valve. I still find it louder than I wanted it to be. I wanted it for a desk aquarium, so very close to me. If it was farther away it wouldn't be an issue.
  6. Oops, I started this thread talking about the nano air pump from the beginning but never specified because I was unaware there was another usb air pump.
  7. So I just wanted to vet others experience with this product. I find it to be louder than expected, maybe because it was hyped as super quite. But it also gets louder to me when I try to reduce the air flow. Is it not recommended to reduce its out put of air? The pump has also shut off a few times and my best guess is that it over heats from me trying to reduce the air flow into my tank. Has anyone else had problems with the pump shutting off? I wanted to see if it was my error in use before emailing Candy about a broken product. Right now I am using a valve to reduce the air flow so my tank doesn't "boil" but if that stresses the pump could I put some pin holes or split the line to release flow to the tank but not add pressure to the pump?
  8. I have Java Fern in my tank, most is attached to driftwood, a little on small rocks and some in the Fluval Stratum substrate in the tank. Light is on for two 4 hour periods a day and I never read any Nitrite or Nitrate in water with test strips, KH and GH fairly high water neutral. I noticed after a few months of strong growth that the leaves were developing holes, This was also happening to some of my crypts but not to the same extent. I got some Easy Green (previously I had only used root tabs) and started weekly dosing 4 weeks ago. About week 2 of dosing I reduced the light periods from 4 to 3 1/2 hours to help with new algae growth. Would there be any reason besides mineral deficiency that the ferns developed holes? (Stocking is cherry barbs, panda corys, one hillstream loach and Ramshorn snails) How long should it take to observe new growth with Java Fern, and should I just keep dosing and expect that to work?
  9. Wil


    One of my cherry barbs got a swollen eye but left in with others for two or three more days. When second eye swelled moved to quarantine tank. Started using a bacterial cure I got from Petco, that called for a tsp every other day for three douses. After that did a water change and started the treatment over as no visible improvement but swam with good energy. Almost done with a second week of treatment and noticed today the fish seems to be swimming mostly on his side eyes both still swollen. Ph6.8 Nitrates 0 GH150+ KH180+ Temp 73. Is this something else or complications from popeye? All other fish from main tank normal.
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