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High PH


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Hello everyone,

                                So we have high PH out of the tap (7.5), My tank (29 Gallons) is about 8 months old, Nice planted community tank. Using Landen Aqua Soil for my substrate, No high ph buffers in the tank.  It was about 6.7 to 6.8 in the tank months ago out of the tap and in the tank. Now my town flushed there pipes and it went up to 7.5 and that is what it is in my tank now (just checked it with my last water change. I have 9 Neon tetra's and 4 Zebra Danios, (had 6 when I set the tank up to cycle now down to 4 so there the boss of the tank)  a couple of Fancy guppies left (started with 6 but the Danios have been rough with them chasing them,  down to 3 now. 3 Cory cats and 3 panda cats, 2 Nerrite Snails,  a few otto's and had a few Amano shrimp but haven't scene them in a few days!!  Should I be concerned with that high PH and should I bring it down and if I do need to bring it down how do you recommend I do it? 

Use Sea chem Prime when I do water changes (added to 5 gallon buckets with same temp water)

Filter Fluval C3 with foam pre filter in water intake,  with Seachem Matrix for Bio media, and make my own Mechanical filter pads with 3 layer pads. No Carbon in filter.

0 Amonia

0 Nitrites

40 Nitrates.  ( I use easy green root tab fertizler for some plants)


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That's about what my tap water is (7.6 here). I don't bother with adjusting it. I've found the pH in planted tanks tends to lower a bit over time, especially since I don't do much in the water changes (if nitrates don't go up from week to week, the water gets topped off with none removed). Mine have stabilized around 7.2-7.4, depending on the tank. Definitely nothing to worry about, unless you're dealing with fish or shrimp that NEED neutral or more acidic water. Since folks I know in my area have successfully kept the same species you have (as well as the ones I've kept), 7.5 shouldn't be a problem.

That sudden spike upward wasn't cool, though. A sudden change like that can cause issues in the short term, but it should stabilize.

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Ok thanks everyone, Yeah lost my shrimp but that's all, Might add a few more Zebra Danios to (only have 4) seeing that pick on my wife's guppies. I really liked the shrimp but hey it is what it is. (need to pick up a few more Fancy tailed guppies for the wife)

Take care!

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