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  1. I had a huge BBA problem when I got back into the Aquarium hobby a year ago, Immediately replaced the florescent light that came with the 29 gallon tank and had that light cranking (10 hours a day at full power) with my new live plants (have always had plastic plants back in the day) after about 1-2 months started with the BBA and it took over all my plants and decorations. I ended up starting over with the plants. Really read up on the causes of BBA (lighting) I replaced the "cheap" led light to a full spectrum( NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light) with the(NICREW Aquarium Light Timer, Fish Tank Light Controller and Dimmer) programable led light fixture (It didn't break the bank) and programed in a Siesta along with cutting down the intensity of the light)" schedule. couple hours in the morning then off and 5 hours in the afternoon. (5pm-10pm) when i'm home and can enjoy my tank. REALLY helped!! It took care of BBA and really cut down on the "regular" green algae. So 7 hours at 50 percent intensity works for my tank. But again that is just my tank. Freshwater with just "gentle" community fish. I do use Easy green root tabs and only get my plants from Aquarium coop. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 40, Water change 10 gallons a week. All the Chain pet stores close to me there tanks look gross and I feel bad for the fish!!!
  2. Congratulations!!!! It is exciting isn't it!! I "think" I finally got my lighting and Fertilizers dialed in" Trying to be patient is key. Plus in my opinion Aquarium Co-op is the best (customer service is Top Notch!!!!) They will always get my business.
  3. Eddie

    High PH

    Ok thanks everyone, Yeah lost my shrimp but that's all, Might add a few more Zebra Danios to (only have 4) seeing that pick on my wife's guppies. I really liked the shrimp but hey it is what it is. (need to pick up a few more Fancy tailed guppies for the wife) Take care!
  4. Hello everyone, So we have high PH out of the tap (7.5), My tank (29 Gallons) is about 8 months old, Nice planted community tank. Using Landen Aqua Soil for my substrate, No high ph buffers in the tank. It was about 6.7 to 6.8 in the tank months ago out of the tap and in the tank. Now my town flushed there pipes and it went up to 7.5 and that is what it is in my tank now (just checked it with my last water change. I have 9 Neon tetra's and 4 Zebra Danios, (had 6 when I set the tank up to cycle now down to 4 so there the boss of the tank) a couple of Fancy guppies left (started with 6 but the Danios have been rough with them chasing them, down to 3 now. 3 Cory cats and 3 panda cats, 2 Nerrite Snails, a few otto's and had a few Amano shrimp but haven't scene them in a few days!! Should I be concerned with that high PH and should I bring it down and if I do need to bring it down how do you recommend I do it? Use Sea chem Prime when I do water changes (added to 5 gallon buckets with same temp water) Filter Fluval C3 with foam pre filter in water intake, with Seachem Matrix for Bio media, and make my own Mechanical filter pads with 3 layer pads. No Carbon in filter. 0 Amonia 0 Nitrites 40 Nitrates. ( I use easy green root tab fertizler for some plants)
  5. Purchased some Anubias and Buce from Coop and a couple of there easy planters, should be coming today. Thanks Ragnarok! Again thank you to everyone as well!. Seems like everything is going great, got the Original Algae problem fixed Lighting (duration and intensity) dialed in, Nitrates dialed in (soil and ferts) plants healthy fish, Nerrite Snails and shrimp healthy and happy. Obviously I will keep testing and doing regular water changes like always. Boy thought I knew it all from having tanks (back in the day) but never had real plants in them. Very different with a all real planted tank. You can teach a old dog new tricks (well not real old 😉
  6. Just did a 15 gallon water change didn't add liquid easy green fert, , checked Nitrates it was down to 40 from 80+, so nailed the high Nitrate problem. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Will add more plants to.
  7. Im not crazy about floating plants, any planted ones that will eat Nitrates better than the ones i have? Again only will purchase from Aquarium coop.
  8. Hi Patrick, i think i was adding to many fertilizer seeing what substrate I'm using (easy green root tabs and easy green liquid) going to stop using the liquid for a while and keep up on water changes and monitor Nitrates
  9. Ragnarok12, Thank you so much on your reply!!! I did test the tap, when I was setting up the tank (had tanks back in the day and though I new everything lol) Tap water= 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 0 Nitrates PH about 7.2 Tested the tap last week to see if our tap has changed but it's the same. Having a planted tank is pretty new to me. I will do what you recommend and will let you know how it works out. I'll give it a month of not fertilizing and keeping up on my weekly water changes to see if it brings it down. Thanks again!!! I really appreciate it. OH this is the soil i'm using. Its expensive but "supposedly" really good. Landen Aqua Soil Substrate for Natural Planted Aquarium, 【Made by Nature】Made from specially processed natural material from the earth, Ideal natural planted aquarium substrate for most aquatic plants, provides healthy plant root system and for shrimps requiring softer water. 【For Healthy System】Developed for cultivation of aquatics plants and is also suitable substrate for shrimps. It provides fundamental minerals and trace elements, rich in organic acids and nitrogen nutrients, which promote the health and growth of shrimps straturm. 【High Quality Effect】Its porous constucture creates an attractive and stable breeding ground for beneficial bacteria that keep your aquarium water clean. This product can reproduce the mildly acidic water condition most aquatic plants prefer and can also extend and slow the release of the fertilizer needed for aquatic plants. 【Safe to Use】This product does not require rinsing and can be used directly in aquarium. Use a bowl or plastic bag in aquarium and add water to the bowl or plastic bag allowing water to overflow softly on to the gravel bed. The initial cloudiness of the water would gone quickly as the filter system runs. This product has been strictly tested and has proved to be no harm to the fish and aquatic plants, however, for safety, please wait for at least a week if you want to move in any fish or shrimp.
  10. Hello there, Sorry for the long message/question, wanted to give the full info. Ok I have a 29 gallon 8 month old Aquarium. I first set it up with plants went through the cycle (fish in with 5 zebra danios) all went well only lost 1 danio. After 6 weeks Amonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrites 0 Had a crazy hair algae bloom that just ruined the plants I had purchased at a Petco near my house. ( my fault for keeping the light on way to long) took out those plants and cleaned the glass real good with a algae scraper. Replanted my tank with plants I purchased from Aquarium coop (only place i will buy plants and ferts from now), purchased a new light NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum with the Pro timer. Doing the Siesta lighting 4 hours on (8am) 5 hours off (noon to 5pm) and 4 1/2 hours on, have the intensity of the light at 60%. (slowly ramp up and down to not shock my fish) Algae has been fine but my Nitates are at 80 or a little more, Amonia 0, Nitrites 0. I am using easy green root tabs for the plants and using easy green liquid fert after weekly water changes which is 10 gallons as I have kinda deep substrate (using Landen Aqua Soil Substrate for Natural Planted Aquarium) for fish I have 4 Zebra Danios, 9 Neon Tetras, 4 Guppies, 6 Cory Cats, 3 Amano Shrimp and 4 ottos. Whats going with my Nitrates? For Filter I am using a Fluval c3 and Make my own Mechanical filter pads, and use Seachem Matrix in the chemical chamber and wet/dry chamber have a small wall of bubbles by the heater on the right side of the tank. (I don't mind and actually like the algae on the back glass)
  11. I have been using the Fluval E Series and it has been rock solid.
  12. Just want to say hello, Been out of the Hobby for about 25 years, got back into it in March with a 29 Gallon planted tank. Using a Fluval C3 with home made mechanical dual density with polishing filter pads and Seachem Matrix for Biological filtration (no chemical filtration) Really enjoying getting back into the hobby. Take care and be safe, Eddie
  13. HI Lefty, I don't mind the "regular" algae, (back glass for my Ottos and Amano shrimp) it was just the hair algae that took over my tank and plants. I do think i had the old light on for way to long. My tank is not near a window.
  14. Ok new here, just joined. I have a 29 Gallon 8 month old planted community tank. For fish 4 Zebra Danios, 6 fancy guppies (for the wife) 8 small Neon Tetras 6 Cory Cats, 4 Amano Shrimp 3 Nerite Snails. I have 0 Amonia 0 Nitrites and 1 or 2 Nitrates. I do weekly 1/4 water changes. Use Prime in the buckets of fresh water from the tap that goes back into the tank. Tap water PH is 7.0. For Filter I use a Fluval C3, and have small bubble wall air stone. I use Seachem Matrix and Purigen in the chemical chamber and Matrix in the wet/dry chamber. I keep my tank at 76 degree. I had a awful Green hair algae breakout. Covered all my plants. was dosing it with Api c02 and using Thrive-s for the plants. I was using a LED light but found out it was not full spectrum. I ended up taking out all my plants and replacing them with nice green new ones. Also replaced the light with a true Full spectrum 6,700 Kelvin light and put it on a timer. 8 hours even have it ramping up and down to start and end so full light for 7 hours. I have Easy Green Plant fertilizer coming. Should that keep my plants happy and healthy. Oh for substate I'm using Landen Aqua Soil Substrate for Natural Planted Aquarium. Pricey but supposed to be excellent. Am I on the right track? Any input? I can not use a C02 system in my apartment complex. Here's 2 pictures of my new plants and tank. Any input or am I on the right track? Sorry for the long intro.
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