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Hello from South Carolina


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Hello from South Carolina. I am Garren and have been following aqaurium Co-op/Cory's videos since I got into the hobby back in February. I have learned a lot between all the videos, blogs, live streams, Facebook support group, and now this forum. My tank would not look this good without all the help. 

I have attached photos to show the progress and changes over several months. All my plants are from aqaurium co-op and so are several other items. Currently I have only one 39 gallon bow front stocked with dalmatian mollies, neon tetras, shrimp, nitrite snails, and one piece. I have had a lot of luck with breeding mollies and have given at least 100 to the LFS. 





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7 minutes ago, ADMWNDSR83 said:

Welcome to the forum, Garren!  The tank looks great!  It took me a minute to realize they were the same tank.

Yes, done alot of things over the months as I got into planting the tank and trying to go more natural environment. I only leave the anchor decoration because my wife likes it and it has a cave for the pleco. 

Appreciate the comment

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