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Found 5 results

  1. I’d like to get into the world of breeding f fish for profit, and I’m using profit very loosely here because I’m totally fine with spending more money to keep a tank running than I make on the fish I sell. My question is what fish can I keep in my shed year long that would be fairly easy to breed for at least part of the year. I live in SC and the shed is not insulated, I’ve kept a 10g in there before and in the summer the water would stay in the mid 90s. At winter it won’t go under 65. Any suggestions on something that could tolerate these temps? Also specifically I’d love to keep some shrimp, would any of the typical species be ok?
  2. I'm already having a lot of fun setting up my first container pond! Inspired by Cory's videos on summer tubbing, Ryo Watanabe's ricefish mini-ponds, all the aquatic plants I've discovered growing in my neighborhood's ditches, and my local nature preserve's containers for exhibiting rice plants, I've had a year long obsession with setting something up on the deck this spring. I thought I'd start a journal on here to track my progress and provide fodder for discussion and learning 🙂 Materials: -35 gallon Beckett pond liner -Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter for Patio Ponds and Small Aquatic Gardens -0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Pea Gravel Pebbles for pond bottom -4 square pond planter baskets filled with 4 inch deep safe-t-sorb -Osmocote plus fertilizer balls for gravel fertilization -easy green liquid fertilizer for water column fertilization -fluval cycle biological starter supplement I initially set the pond up on march 13th 2021, adding the gravel, filter, dechlorinated tap water and a few buckets of aquarium tank water from the day's water change. On March 23, I rinsed a bag of safe-t-sorb and filled up the planting baskets. I soaked these overnight in a tub filled with 3X dechlorinated water and later added about a 10X dose of easy green. I wanted to make sure any absorbed chlorine was fully neutralized and also charge up the substrate with beneficial nutrients. The following day I placed 2 of these pots on the floor of the pond, and 2 on the 'shelves' of the pond. The upper pots get bog/transitional plants, and the submerged pots I am adding stem plants that will hopefully end up growing up out of the pond as emersed plants. Plants used for upper pots: -Hyptis lorentziana -Persicaria glabra -Brazilian pennywort Plants used for submerged pots: -locally foraged Ludwigia palustris -Ludwigia brevipes -Ludwigia glandulosa -Ludwigia ovalis green -Bacopa carolinia 'colorata' Plants used for pond floor: -Vallisneria Tiger (foraged in Florida) -Vallisneria Red (foraged in Florida) -Dwarf sagittaria -Chain sword -banana plant And....Floating plants: -water lettuce -red root floaters Day 1 Day 11 post-planting Day 12 switched upper pot locations
  3. Hello from Irmo S.C. I just recently got started in the hobby. It all started because my wife ordered a moss ball. After she got it she put it in a container and realized she wanted a Beta to go with it. The next day I saw the glass container wasn't big enough to keep a fish happy. I went to Petsmart and bought the Top Fin 5 gallon aquarium and within a month I was hooked and started a 75 gallon. I just started this adventure a month ago and I found Aquarium Co-Op and KGTtropicals on youtube and they inspired me to go full in on this hobby. I am looking forward to learning a lot from this forum. Thank you in advance for the answers to the questions that I have.
  4. Hello from South Carolina. I am Garren and have been following aqaurium Co-op/Cory's videos since I got into the hobby back in February. I have learned a lot between all the videos, blogs, live streams, Facebook support group, and now this forum. My tank would not look this good without all the help. I have attached photos to show the progress and changes over several months. All my plants are from aqaurium co-op and so are several other items. Currently I have only one 39 gallon bow front stocked with dalmatian mollies, neon tetras, shrimp, nitrite snails, and one piece. I have had a lot of luck with breeding mollies and have given at least 100 to the LFS.
  5. Hey there, I'm Charles and live in Charleston, SC. I was big into fish tanks when I was younger but haven't kept a hobby tank since I left for college (20 years ago 😞). After moving around the country for school and graduate training, our family has finally settled down (relatively) and we've recently become first time homeowners. Naturally, I felt it time to finally get a tank going again! I started up a 5 gallon Fluval Spec a week ago "for my toddler" and am loving getting back into things. There's been a fair amount of change since I left, and I'm happy to see all the options for planted tanks available. The internet has really made things more educated and available. Having spent a few late nights binging on youtube videos, I realized Cory and the Co-Op seemed like a trustworthy resource for info and products, so I purchased some hardscape and plants and clumsily put the tank together the other night. Fingers crossed!
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