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ADD lights to top fin kit


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I don’t have one of these kits except a couple tops I got with some 5 gallon tanks.  I have them crammed in a drawer.  That said, there are plenty of LED lights that would fit inside most hoods.  You would just have to figure out how to mount them and make certain they didn’t overheat the tank.  The LED lights don’t get that hot, but the electronics that go with them can get quite warm.

Taking that into consideration, I would probably buy whatever light I wanted and make my own cover out of twinwall greenhouse sheeting rather than try to fight to figure out how to add lights to an existing hood.  Been there, fought that fight, and didn't really accomplish what I hoped for anyway.  Not with a Top Fin kit, specifically, it was an old Marineland hood for me.

Good luck with your project!  Keep us updated on what you decide.

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I will have to look into the diy cover you recommended. I tried ordering on eBay some lights I can add but the ones I ordered don’t seem to be waterproof. By the way the top fin kit is a great deal. I have it for two years and it can grow some plants pretty well. I gave succes with crypts, hornwort, bacopa, anubius, andpogo octopus 

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On 11/21/2021 at 7:54 AM, Jacknerl said:

I have a top fin 55 gallon kit I got at petsmart. I like it and the lights do grow plants but it’s not that bright. Aside from buying a new hood and light which is pretty expensive, any way I can add a light to my existing hood?


I have retrofitted hoods with submersible LED lights, various brands.


For tall tanks (like a 55 g) I have found additional lighting up the sides or back of the tank give me the reddest plants.


Here's a submersible LED supplementing plant growth in my growout tank


Otherwise, I recommend replacing the lid.

Most of the submersible lights come with a suction cup option. 

My top image has the submersible LED suction cupped inside the lid, in addition to the light that came with the tank. Between the two, they are bright enough to grow a tank full of plants... and some cyanobacteria on some of the plants. I am still playing with the light duration, to find the perfect levels and duration.

I am liking the RBG submersible led lights best, as they have a wider range of potential settings. 

If you can afford the RBG+W submersibles, they are the jackpot 

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