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I got these 3 fish together (quarter sized angel + 2 juvenile Bolivian rams) a few weeks ago and I'm impressed with how much the larger male has colored up. The angel (visible in video) has a pretty stubborn case of ich that showed up last week so the water is tinted a bit with Ich-X. This is my 29G quarantine tank and it has 3 Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters, an AquaClear 30, a 150W heater, and a ramshorn snail. It's a pretty weird setup but is working for this batch. My main long-term concern is that as the Bolivians have grown, it's grown evident that I have two males (small, pointed vents) and they've started sparring even with plenty of silk plants to block line of sight and I may not have enough room in my 50 hex for them to be happy.


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