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Lethargic apisto

Kyle murfitt

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Bought a pair of of double red agassizi 3 days ago,  female is happy healthy and curious. But the male is in bad shape. He seemed stressed at the store , and since bringing him home he's been very lethargic , staying at the surface, not quite staying upright . Put him into a mature quarantine tank with aquarium salt . If anyone has seen fish do similar or know what might be happening pleeeease let me know. 


Ammonia- 0ppm, nitrates 10 ppm, notrites 0, ph 7 (same as the fish store ) kh 40 gh 120 water temp 75 f. 


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Small tip: when you don't have access to one medication so you're trying to find an alternative with the same active ingredients: go to the manufacturer's website. API, Seachem, etc- it's not always apparent on the product page but they have to post a "safety sheet" per OSHA for handling/hazards etc. The ingredients are listed usually about half way in the report under "mixtures". That's what I did when I was looking up meds to treat a fish of mine this week.

Sometimes the clue is in the name but if you don't know what say Nitrofurazone is, FURAn isn't going to clue you in.

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1 more thing.
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