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This evening while feeding the fish I have noticed that one of my Melanotaenia Nigrans suffers as of something that looks as the gills on one side are out and the fish breath faster than the rest. What do you think? Can I do something about it?

Sorry for the poor photos.







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Test your water parameters and post them if you can. It might just be an injury, keep a close eye on it for any changes. You could put it in QT and treat with a bacterial med or aquarium salt to prevent bacterial infection if it's an injury, but since we still don't know what it is it's hard to say for sure. I would test the water first and go from there. 

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Thank you Colu.

This was also my conclusion. The fish died overnight and I have looked at it with a X10 glass. The gills were one lump and didn't have any blood in them. I talked with the LFS and was told that rainbows do suffer of tumors. 

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