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Dealing with brown algea?

Lexi B

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My smaller 5 gallon Betta tank has had a mild flare up of brown algae. I'm mostly worried for the plants since it's beginning to form on the leaves. I dose easy green and easy carbon as recommended, with an 8 hour light cycle from a 20" stingray. There are currently 2 small Java Fern, 1 established anubias nangi, a floating water wisteria, and a questionable cutlet of anubias golden. The substrate is inert sand. There is a small sponge filter for filtration 

My 20 gal used the same sand and at about this age had some brown diatom algae as well, though it seemed to outgrow it on its own. I suspect maybe silica in the sand could be the cause?

Are there any recommendations to help the rank fight off the algea? I've considered adding a nerite snail, but currently I'm more concerned with if I could improve the light /nutrient balance in the tank and whether I should increase or decrease either. 

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On 11/5/2021 at 4:30 PM, lefty o said:

i agree with the above, and would also add that a nerite snail would greatly help with brown algae.


On 11/5/2021 at 4:29 PM, Mmiller2001 said:

It's common with new tanks or reworked tanks. I would keep up on water changes and gravel vacuuming and wait it out.

Awesome thanks both of you. I assumed it's just because the tank was still young. Hopefully it goes away and maybe Ill look into nerite snails. 

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