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Betta : scratch/wound, fungus or something else

Karen B.

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I have 2 bettas in quarantine (with coop med trio) in my 10 gallons (that I seperated in 2).

Today was the end of the first week so I did the WC and saw an injury on my female betta. Now I don’t recall having seen it earlier today, and I hand feed them twice a day (but it’s not impossible she didn’t show that side).

She is moving a lot so I held her in the water close to the glass and it did not seem fuzzy. There is still some meds left in the water as I did a 40% WC. It looks looks like she might have injured herself (maybe on the floating log) but I would like your tought? Injury? Fungus? Something else?

Should I do something?

I know the pictures are not clear but she moves so much!!!







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