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Betta constipation and Swim Bladder Problem???


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I noticed about a week ago that my betta’s tail was dragging it down to the bottom of the tank. His name is Harry and he’s an opal delta. After doing research and observation, I think he has mild constipation which is putting pressure on his swim bladder. The attached picture is from Thursday. I have tried fasting him from Wednesday to Friday. And tried feeding him a pea on Saturday, but he didn’t eat it, so I’ve been giving him daphnia yesterday and today in hopes it will help, but he’s still a little bloated, no improvement. He can still get around ok, it just takes more work for him to swim. So he’s mostly chilling on the bottom or convenient leaves. He’s just looking so miserable when he’s on the bottom and I don’t know what else to do. I don’t have a hospital tank and my tank has a divider with another betta on the other side, so I would prefer not to use any medicine. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


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