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Hello from Bremerton WA!

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Hello Fish Fam! I am a newbie who’s been in the hobby for less than two years. It all started with my twins turning 4 and I decided to get them goldfish for their birthday... I was thinking a bowl and some gravel initially but being a believer in due diligence, I started research on goldfish care. (can’t have the kids crying over dead fish) After finding literature on something called “the nitrogen cycle” and having no idea what that meant I searched the term and Corys video came up. He taught me sooo much.. long story short.... I now have 10 tanks and plans for a fish room and a pond out back..... wow, that escalated quickly. I am happy to report that my goldfish are currently in a 125 in my kids playroom and have spawned..... hence my need for the pond!! All my fish seem to be baby crazy and I now need to find places to offload the 50 angelfish I now have! Looking forward to this place! Thank you Cory for this awesome resource!




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