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  1. I used the cobalt aquatics in line pump. It’s the only one that sits nicely flat against the back. You just put on a strainer and intake sponge on one end and it pumps about 210 gph. I’m going to put the media from the canisters in the sump and use the canisters mostly for flow and mechanical filtration. I have two penn-plax cascade 1200 filters under the tank. Still need to do 35% water change twice a week. Those goldfish can EAT. And they beg so well. 😅
  2. After a scary 4 hour power outage and subsequent fear of a cycle crash...(which didn’t happen, thank god!) I decided that an overhead sump would allow me to: 1: Grow pothos out of the aquarium without the goldfish tearing at the roots. 2: Cool the 125 tank off for the fish as it retains heat too much.(76 deg) 3: Have biological filtration that won’t die due to lack of oxygen like my canisters would. (Sponge filter got EATEN by Leo my Son’s giant oranda... he’s pretty but sooo dumb) 4: It’ll look so pretty for my kids and I can explain how the plants clean the water for their fish. I used a plastic planter box and some wood. Used a return spout hooked to a pump to get the water into the sump and a 1 inch bulkhead for the overflow. All I need now is some red lava rock to fill it and I can “plant” the pothos! I am also planning on hanging a light above it to supercharge the nitrate uptake. The rack is just 2x4s and some welded wire fence. P.S. Don’t hate on me for the saltwater stickers! Only ones I could find and my kids don’t know the difference. 🤣
  3. So I am a newbie (under two years) in this hobby but have had enough success that I jumped into Discus this week and I have some questions and would love advice from experienced aquarists. I purchased (2) what was listed as cobalt blue discus but after research they seem to actually be blue diamond discus, at PETCO! Lol..I’d say about 3.5 inch right now. I have them in my 55 quarantine tank. I tested my water to see if I had good water for them. I’ve had good success getting my angels to spawn and have a good crop of quarter sized fry right now. I was surprised at the water we have here in Bremerton. Temp 84, gh-7 deg, Kh-6 deg, PH-8.2!.....I keep the tank at 0-0->20 nitrates. Am using fully cycled filtration and am medicating them with the trio now. The Questions: 1. Should I buy an RO Unit to soften this water for them? Or should I be patient and let them adjust to my harder water? 2. Will they EVER be able to spawn at this ph? (If they are a male and female) 3. I’ve heard the eggs can’t hatch at higher ph, is this true? 4. Would tannins in the water have any significant effect on Ph? Could I use this instead of RO? 5. Anything I am not thinking of? Please tell me what I don’t know.... 😉
  4. I find that my goldies only spawn when there is a warm up in temp or major change in water quality ( big water changes etc.) you might try cooling the tank down somehow... chiller, moving the tank to a cool place in the house. I agree that adding a few other goldfish might be the answer but don’t over stock those water piggies! They are messy!
  5. My big goldfish has the beginnings of fin rot and I want to treat with salt. There are two dojo loaches in the 125 with him. Will they be ok with the 2 tablespoons per three gallon salt level?
  6. I have about 50 angelfish, 17 fantail/ Oranda goldfish, and a cloud of Jack Dempsey fry.
  7. Hello Fish Fam! I am a newbie who’s been in the hobby for less than two years. It all started with my twins turning 4 and I decided to get them goldfish for their birthday... I was thinking a bowl and some gravel initially but being a believer in due diligence, I started research on goldfish care. (can’t have the kids crying over dead fish) After finding literature on something called “the nitrogen cycle” and having no idea what that meant I searched the term and Corys video came up. He taught me sooo much.. long story short.... I now have 10 tanks and plans for a fish room and a pond out back..... wow, that escalated quickly. I am happy to report that my goldfish are currently in a 125 in my kids playroom and have spawned..... hence my need for the pond!! All my fish seem to be baby crazy and I now need to find places to offload the 50 angelfish I now have! Looking forward to this place! Thank you Cory for this awesome resource!
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