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Silicone Safe for Aquarium (reseal, black)


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I used the clear version of ASI brand silicone to reseal a 120 gallon tank last month. They have both clear and black available.

When I resealed my 125 last year I used clear all glass aquarium brand silicone. Im not sure if they offer it in black. Also they only shipped me 1 of the tubes in the 2 pack. Luckily 1 tube did the tank. Amazon refunded me for the other.


Both were OK to work with. I would recommend the ASI as you can buy 1 tube at a time, they sell it in black and the price is better. One thing I noticed was the ASI brand started to tack up a lot faster than the all glass brand giving you less tool time. 


One tool that I can highly recommend for resealing tanks is the OLFA brand razor knife from lowes.

The square edge of the blade makes it great for removing inside silicone without digging into the seams between the panes of glass.  

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