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Can I use my 10 g betta tank to grow out my baby corydoras?

Karen B.

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My corydoras (false julii) are breeding like crazy. I let nature take its course because I am not interested in intensive breeding but some do survive. My 20 gallons is over populated with cute babies but I think it annoys my honey gourami. You should see him hunt the little fry…

I have currently a empty 10 gallons. I will transfer the babies there until I can sell them (sniffsniff). I was wondering if I can house a betta with them (or any idea of another fish?) or it’s better to have a species only grow out tanks?

Thank you!

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On 10/20/2021 at 1:28 PM, GameCzar said:

I would think the betta would think you just gave him/her an all you can eat buffet.   If a fry can fit in any other species mouth, it usually will from what I understand. 

I plan to transfer then when they would be at least 1 month old. So too big to worry about being eaten 

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