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stocking a 55 gallon??


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I'm not sure if this fish is legal in california but its defentley worth a look, Rainbow Shiners! They  are some of the most stunning fish I have ever seen. @Fish Folk has a beautifulbreeding setup for them, check this thread

Another great option would be pygmy sunfish (once again i dont know if there legal or not in california). @Daniel has experiance catching these guys in the wild, and even breeding these guys.  I beleive he may have stocked  pygmy sunfish in his famous 1930s hisitorically acurate planted aquarium thread.

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On 10/2/2021 at 6:51 PM, FriendlyLoach said:

Hey everyone,

So I have an empty 55 gallon. I was wanting a native fish. However, I am in California (we got a lot of restrictions), so I was wondering if there are any native fish that you know of that are legal in CA?  

It may be that you can buy fish raised in captivity. Check with California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The actual State law governing this is California Fish and Game Code, Division 3, Section 2, Article 1, Number 2118. You can peruse that here

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