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My First tank


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Hello everyone, my name is Vitor and i'm starting my journey in the amazing world of fish keeping!

I've seen a LOT of videos about how to setup tanks, fish and so on. My idea was to have a 20 gallon tank with 1 bristlenose pleco, 3 or more kuhli loaches, atleast 12 chili rasboras ( for now ). I would like to know what you guys think about my fish choices and some feedback about these fish living together. I would also want to get later on a " central piece" for my aquarium ( would love some recomendations of fish for that too ). 

Stay safe!

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Just remember it’s going to take at least 2-4 weeks to fully cycle the tank before it’s ready for fish.  Your stocking ideas sound good but chilis tend to do better and you’ll see more of them if you have more.  They get bolder if they have more friends.  Kuhlis are the same and it’s typically recommended to have at least 6.  They are very funny to watch once they get comfortable and they relax and are more active sooner, in a group of at least 6.

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