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Pea Puffers

Stacy Z

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Just got Pea Puffers. They are extra small and  hard to find with them being against green planted tank. I just put them in my 20 gal from the QT tank. Got a picture of them schooling together. 5 school together and 1 stays to himself. Hard to sex yet and I know this species is all born as females first. I think the solo is a male. He sleeps up high too. Typical male trait! 

See pictures below. Try find them little buggers in all that green. 

I got the puffers extra small from tank raised source and they were a round blobs day one. Literally the size of a pea, hence the name. I noticed this week that there are starting to full Develop their eyes, I can see spots on them now and I can tell the difference between their body and tail. Last week you couldn’t see anything. They stalk live brine shrimp one by one, slowly. Unlike other fish you in my other tank that attack like sharks. 

My Ramshorn Snails from my 40 gallon had babies. I added them to the puffers tank. They have been eye balling them but I haven’t seem them attack em yet.

Today I noticed one of them watching me as I was watching him. Not scared at all. You can kinda see the mouth forming too, that make them look like they are smiling. 


Anyways these guys are a blast. Highly recommend! I can’t wait to see full lifecycle. I have been lucky to find a place they sell all my fish young, so I can see the differences!



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