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Hikari Danios advice


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Hi all,

I've got a 42 gallon / 160 litre fish tank, I currently have 5 leopard Danios, 6 gouramis (3 opaline and 3 honey), 3 Angels, 2 clown loaches, a red tailed shark and 6 African dwarf frogs, they all get along great with no issues. I saw the Hikari Danios and loved the colours, I wanted to know whether they would live comfortably with the fish in my tank?

Thank you :)


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14 hours ago, JimmyGimbal said:

We just unboxed these the other week! Never kept them though but I've seen Danio's being kept together plenty of times. They are voracious eaters so make sure everyone get's their share.

Thank you Jimmy, I thought they would be okay as I've seen Danios being kept with other types but never Hikaris, I didn't know they existed until I saw the aquarium Co-op video on Monday which sparked my curiosity. If I do manage to get some I will definitely make sure they get their share! 🙂

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