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Cleaning the cube -11 gallon refresh


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Last week I posted a pic of my hands off cube. Yesterday I decided it needed a trim. Some may like the old look better but I’m happy with this for now. I’ll do a re-scape this winter. 
I basically just trimmed and moved stuff around but I did add a Crypt Hudori and some micro sword from another tank to fill in the foreground. B2F33395-3257-43B0-BC1C-F79707678125.jpeg.fa97b407234f88b127841191d8bd6d87.jpegAB1652BF-9579-496C-B59D-8BB052A01E8E.jpeg.10028c73c7d11c5109a9aa73f58b3cba.jpeg31F3CD7C-8372-41C9-BAAE-3362E2446BB8.jpeg.fec86a28edbea46786a175d10bef33ba.jpeg

here’s the old look


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