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Ich or something else?


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Hey all,


A little over two and a half years of fish keeping and this is my first time experiencing ICH. I knew the day would come and I have Ich X on hand. I believe the cause has to do with the temperature and algae in our pond due to Ida and such that have come through. It is a small 90 gallon outdoor pond and though it gets weekly water changes I think the heat plus the algae caused a stressful environment for my Black Moore. I first found what looked like fungas starting on his tail. Pictures included. I started PrimaFix and MelaFix as a percaution (I know some are not thrilled with those meds but it has worked in the past and a great place to start when you are still diagnosing) And overnight it has gone to his back and sides. I am looking at a 20% water change tonight adding salt and Ich X. I just want to verify, seeing that it is my first time, that this is indeed ich. My thoughts are to treat the whole pond due to it probably being everywhere. We had a really great run with not having any issues with the fish getting anything due to water cleanliness all summer and me learning how to better care for my fish over the years. I should have known it wouldn't last forever...

Couple of questions:

Temps are going to get a little lower this week Low 58 at night-65. I was already thinking of switching them back over to their indoor pond. Should I quarantine them then get the indoor pond ready for when their quarantine is over or just treat the pond and leave them out a little longer going into the fall?

Have you used Salt in addition to Ich X and what would be the ratio you would suggest for a 90 gallon?

Any other suggestions or secrets of the trade that you may do that I am not mentioning please let me know. 








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That looks like over production of the slime coat and a fungal infection on his head  in the bottom pic can be caused by external parasites and poor water quality I would treat with ick x for the fungal infection and check your water parameters I can't see any visible parasite but keep a close eye on them as there in a pond birds can bring in parasites

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