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Just wondering what everyone feeds (brands and types) and what fish you're feeding. 

I have fed my 2 Leopard Bush fish 'Ctenpomna' and 2 bala sharks aqueon shrimp pellets for three years and frozen Omega Carnivore Lovers.  Recently, Aqueon must have changed their formula (grrr) and now the pellets swell making a mess and once they swell even my Cory's snub their barbels up at it.  So, I'm looking for a new option on the pellet.  Something that floats for a bit then sinks for the Cory's and balas preferred.  

I also feed pea puffers carnivore lovers and ramshorn snails (recently purchased vitachem to help too).  Angels get Hikari Vibrabites, carnivore lovers, and API Pellets (which are too small for my Leopard Bush fish.  (Soon BBS too Thanks to The DIY hatchery post on this form 😊 Thank You @Fish Folk)

My tetras with a silver dollar gets Aqueon flakes, the shrimp pellets (for Cory's and Pleco), API pellets, and Algaemax pellets for silver dollar and albino shark 

Also, anyone with Leopard Bush fish, do you feed crickets?  A girl at Petco recommended it but I wasn't sure if it's a good idea or not.

Have a Fintastic day 🐠🐠🐠

Holli / kilrkitty08


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