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  1. Thank you all so much for your comments and giving me the confidence to make that move from the tote to the tank. I did about 10gl switch out of tank water into the tote over the course of one day, waited for the next morning and moved them all over. Looking back I probably didn't have to do that but it made me feel better. I have had zero casualties and everyone is greatly enjoying their new home. You all are the best!! Thank you so much!
  2. No worries @Odd DuckTHank you for your advice 👍 I have their canister filter that ran the old tank running on the tote to keep the bacteria alive and will move it over and run it on the tank before moving the fish over. Temperature will match and hardness of course is going to be higher in the tank and nitrates lower but ph is the largest change that my test strips can show me. Thank you @face and @gannon for your advice as well I feel much better about moving everyone over 👍
  3. I have a chasing PH Question, I have a 75gl set and ready to fill, however, the fish I have a 30gl tote waiting to be moved are in a lower PH than my tap probably 6.5 going to an 8 because I don't need to use RO for any of these fish (live bearers, silver dollars, guppies and common pleco). How much water should I replace with tap to acclimate them in the tote and over what amount of time? Or should I cut it with RO and/or rain water and eventually change it to 100% tap with water changes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this story Patrick! Would you mind going over his diet? I am thinking about getting a Figure 8 puffer which should require about the same variety of food and I have ramshorn snails but the type you have look different (the off limit ones) hehe. Also, are you trying any plants in your Brackish water? I was thinking about trying Java Fern, I heard somewhere it would adjusts to brackish. Would it be possible to get a wide angle shot of your aquarium to see your decor. Sorry, I don't mean to be a pest just excited to see your awesome puffer's home and maybe steal some ideas 😁.
  5. There are a ton of Sycamore trees, is their wood safe if it did come from one of them? Thanks Everyone for the Articles I did not know Walnut family secreted poisons.
  6. Is there a way I can test it to see if it's leaching toxins? What is it that wood leaches out that makes it dangerous?
  7. Hidy Everyone, I have seen this large pc of wood at my local park for about a year now and I was wondering is there a way I can tell if it is aquarium safe. Also, if it is safe what would be the best way to treat it, I want to cute a pc large enough for a 75 gallon aquarium and have a Large Tote for soaking. Any advice would be great! Thanks everyone!
  8. Is there a "Magic Rule" or some method that you use to determine how many plants to get for a planted tank? I have a 75 gallon I want to set up for my Leppard Bush fish which will love a heavily planted tank to swim through, but I just don't know how many plants to get. I figured I would use some Large Amazon Swords, to give them quick cover to play in and some Anubis (because I Love it). Stem plants don't seem to do great in my water but I will be using Eco-complete with a sand cap so maybe that will make a difference instead of just sand only substrate. Any suggestions, pictures, or shopping lists would be great 😃
  9. I Love Neon Tetras so bright and active and friendly but my latest favorite is Rummy Nose and I am working on getting a huge school of them at some point in my life Love to watch all tetras tbh I can't choose ❤️
  10. I am setting up a 10 gallon for my ramshorn snails, currently in a 5 gallon. However, I did an impulse buy of some cheapie ghost shrimp because my fish that eat ramshorns will eat shrimp/shrimplettes. Will I run into any issues keeping both together? Does anyone have tips to get best breeding of both? Ramshorns are very prolific but I have never kept shrimp. Large sponge filter, Heater, crush coral and black gravel, live & fake plants, decor for hiding spaces, tight lid for humid area uptop. Literally just set up a hour ago so it's not georgous. I will never claim to be an aquascaper 😂
  11. A Large Varity of Guppies color - ex-plosion 😁
  12. So since there are written standards does that mean they have competitions like they do for Bettas but with Goldfish?
  13. So, I kind of have the opposite problem, I have a banana plant with healthy looking leaves but its' banana's just fell off. Do they regrow "bananas" or do the leaves just keep growing? I know I have divided the plant by just cutting a leaf off and letting it sprout roots by the oldest cutting I have is about a month maybe two old.
  14. I agree with Scapexghost I use salt only unless I see signs of something else but I recently purchased Red Eye Puffers and per suggestions I used API General Cure to kill internal parasites. What are the symptoms of your fish and type of fish? Are they staying sunken in or just not very active?
  15. Southwest Virginia - I say SW VA because I can be in four other states faster than I can get to the VA Capital and I very much prefer it that way. Love the Mountains and lower population lol
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