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hey all. from WA state!

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I'm diane, up in Birch Bay, Wa., and only 2 1/2 hours from Aquarium coop!.  I am an old, new beginner to fishkeeping. Or, I should say, the fish are keeping me. I think this forum is going to be great fun. Hope I can figure it out!

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3 hours ago, JessicaD said:

Hi Diane! I'm in Seattle. I've been keeping fish for about 20yrs. I'm happy to help if you ever have questions, or just need someone local to gush over fish with! 

Hi Jessica, nice to meet you!    20 years,huh? I bet things are alot different now days.  Yea, it seems I find more each day, that I need to learn...and the internet is so contradictory. So, thanks so much for your offer. My daughter and I usually go to the coop, bout once a month, in between orders. Gushing over fish is my favorite thing!

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