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What is this new monster?

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Did a partial water change in my 65g tank. Ive been having a short hair green algea problem and have reduced the lights to about 5.5 hrs a day with the settings in the picture.

I gravel vac'd a small amount around the tank and plants the way cory taught me 😛

After the water change i dosed 4 pumps of aquarium co-ops easy green. which is no change for me to do.
the only thing that did change was me gravel vac'ing for the first time since the substrate change and a new hose for water. I made the mistake of not rinsing the hose first 😞 i didn't even think about it. But i cant see why that would do this.

I haven't done a water test yet due to the water change and usually wait 24hrs to wait for the water to stabilize.

The fish don't seem bothered.
I ordered Easy Carbon this morning before the water change and so glad i did.



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took the best pictures i could. It seems that all that stuff from the picture yesterday is GONE! IDK what it was or where it came from. Scared me.

My lighting is a bit weird and tried to take the best i could.
Readouts across the board are:
PH 6.4-6.6
AM maybe .25 but closer to 0 imo
Nit 0
Nitrate 10-20 ppm

I do have fluval stratum as the substrate. The plants at the top of the tank are Pothos house plants and have been it there a while.
Monte Carlo as carpeting
I was never given the name of the plant behind the driftwood. It came in a starter pack when i first started the tank.

the lights aren't scheduled to turn on until 1030 this morning so i turned them on for the picture then turned them back on to automatic mode. x2 Fluval 3.0 plant.



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