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  1. I meant to upload a screen shot of my Light period. starts at 9 am and is complete darkness at 6 pm 65 Gal tank dimensions are 24x18x36 24 inches deep. FX4 filter with a slightly reduced flow. Just enough for a bit of surface agitation. Co2 injection (DIY) 3-5 bubbles per second. Should i reduce my lights and see what happens? At the same time i really want my microsword to carpet well. I don't dose Easy green every day more like 2 times a week at about 4 pumps each time i dose. I do dose Easy carbon every day 4 pumps aswell.
  2. Hey guys, Im having a terrible issue with Brown hair algae. Its everywhere. Its on my microsword, its ALL OVER the roots of my pothos. Its starting to grow on my wisteria. I have put 1 bag of Phosgaurd in the filter aswell as Chemipure elite, 2 bags of purigen. Still grows. 2 water changes a week (20% each time). I dose EG everyday. My nitrates stay at about 30-40ppm. tank temp is at 85F (housing GBR's). I feed every other day to keep down on excess nutrients in the water. I use well water. Well water stats: PH 6.8 Amonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 I have tried everything. I even dip the pothos roots in a small bath of water and hydrogen peroxide and helps for a week then its covered again. I regularly remove the Brown hair algae with a toothbrush every time i water change. Am i missing something? I need help lol
  3. yeah pretty sure they are all 3 females. Her colors arent as pronounced but there is a pink belly on her. Those 2 you mainly see are the "Alpha Females" and the third less colored one is the runt.
  4. @Fish FolkHere is a video. Not a good video as im still trying to figure the camera out. But hopefully i got everything.
  5. I will post a video here a bit later. I keep my tank between 80-82F. They seem to be doing great. Would love for them to live a couple of years. I really need to set up a smaller tank for "pairs" and growing fry. Would love to eventually go into business with these guys, even if its just to support this hobby.
  6. I have read all of your journal and it has inspired me to do the best i can for them. Any tips? @Fish Folk
  7. i really hope so! I think i have all females hoping to get 1 male this week. Would love to get some babies at some point.
  8. Just got these guys a couple weeks ago and they are thriving! I am being very deligent about keeping tank parameters good. I am really enjoying these fish! They are absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Yeah maybe if i turn the blue to zero i can take out the bigger chunks of algae. And of course you were help! I need any info i can get lol!
  10. Hmm it would seem that my monte carlo wouldn't get enough light with that. But idk im no expert at lighting. Im trying to see if anything of mine would need optomized. Your tank looks amazing.What is the plant on the drift wood with very fine leaves?
  11. Thrilled to have found this thread 🙃 But i have a 65g tank with 2 Fluval 3.0's and this is my light setting. my tank : Depth 24in. Width 36in. I have: Anachris Monte Carlo Anubias Scarlet temple Java Moss Looking for some critiques for any experts. I am getting Green hair algae and brown algae (very little brown algae)
  12. I must say this Camera is amazing! Excellent Photo Of a new leaf forming on the anubias and an oto munching on the wood. Monte carlo out front. Starting to grow more and hopefully it will grow 10 fold in the next couple of weeks. Still has some hair algae on it but nothing the oto's can't handle. One of my Assassin Snails. I need to catch the rest of them and donate to LFS. they no longer have a prominent role in my aquarium. Need to get a new type of snail that is more socially responsible for the needs of the tank now. Photo of the right hand side of the tank. Need to clip the fishing line that is floating around. bit of an eye sore. bit of an action shot of my corys. You can see some hair algae on the monte carlo in the back some. I love this shot. Seems like so much activity. Hoping my Scarlet temple will take off soon. Still need to get some easy iron. Its still growing roots above where it is planted. Not sure if i should trim and replant or leave it alone? Beautiful fat neons. Fed Frozen baby brine and spirulina w/ regular brine shrimp aswell. you can see additional hair algae on the monte carlo. Here is some monte carlo that just hasn't been taking off as fast as the rest. not sure why though. Im hoping this will be a good environment for my GBR's that im getting. Opinions would be great! and any additional critiques would be very helpful. Water parameters today is. PH 6.6 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 40ppm Dosed 4 pumps EG today aswell.
  13. I have a question aswell. I have a 65g aquarium thats running 2 Fluval 3.0 running 9 hours a day with a DIY co2 injection system. Specs: Fluval stratum 2x Fluval 3.0 DIY Co2 running 4 bubbles/sec Large clump of Anachris, Monte Carlo, Anubias, Scarlet temple, and pothos plants hanging off the top of tank (roots submersed) oh and Java Moss. Just wondering also, would the EG cause additional nitrates in a test?
  14. So, Update: Ordered my GBR's a couple of days ago and they should have arrived at the LFS yesterday and im having them quarantine them for 2 weeks before i get them. Sorry about not posting in a while, for some reason this particular post would not load in correctly. I think it had something to do with my drivers. Updated them and then its fine. But anyway, i will be posting some picks later for tracking growth of plants and of course some beauty shots. My wife has a 4k camera that i forgot about so i will be using that instead of my dinky phone so hopefully i can capture the plants and fish at a more true color. I did a 20% water change on monday and my nitrates are staying around 40ppm so i need to fix that. I have a feeling its my filter media. Ive had some of the stuff in there for years. I haven't had the cash to replace a lot of it. What im probably gonna do is use some poly-fill where some of the coarse filter foam is and throw away the really old stuff. Eventually i want to get a mixed bag of filter to replace the ceramic balls i have in there. I also would like to use some activated carbon foam pads to help with water quality down the road ( not that its terrible now) would like some thoughts on the carbon infused pads inside a cannister filter.
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