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Pearl Danio's anyone have them?

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I purchased a group of Pearl Danio's from the LFS to add to my 40G breeder tank (after QT of course). Wondering if anyone has these fish? I must say I never heard of them before I saw them a few weeks ago. I researched them before I I got them. 

They are SOOOOO pretty! I was surprised that they were still at the LFS 2 weeks after I first saw them. I can't describe the color.. kinda pinky/purple/turquoise-ish.. 

They are FAST too! I can't wait to add them to the 40G. I currently have 11 and will assess how they do once they pass QT and adjust to the 40G.. if they do well I may add more ... 

Anyone else have these?? I would love to hear what other fish keepers think of these fish!! 

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