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Female Krib ill? Stressed? Color and behavior change.


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Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 20

Gh/kh 3/3

Ph 7.0


I have a pair of pelviachromis taeniatus alone in a 29g with about 2 week old fry. Today I noticed the females color has completely changed and she looks a bit ragged. There's no change in her towards the fry but she is now hyper aggressive towards the male. This is their first spawn and also mine with dwarf cichlids. My concern is obviously what might be going on with her, but also if it would be a good idea to remove the fry to grow out in their own tank.   Thanks all 




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~20% water change on Saturday and noticed stringy poop. Actually more like a fine hair in diameter, dosed General Cure. 

Today much more inactive and clenched fins but still hanging out with fry and puttering around. One of the areas that had looked like a scrape or scuff seems to be slightly raised like a small white pimple. 

I'll try to get a picture when the lights come back on. If anyone has an idea what could be going on I'd appreciate any help. Right now I'm treating as if it's a parasitic infection with GC and will be increasing water changes.

I'm wondering if I'd be wise to remove her and get set up in a hospital tank to treat with salt and/or additional meds. 


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It's hard to make out in the pictures but there's some white scuff or damage behind both eyes above the pelvic fins and around the base of the dorsal. Also a similar white bump on one eye. 

Probably going to end up moving the pair away from the fry into a separate tank and see if anything improved. 



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Situation deteriorating. Treating with everything I've got in QT 20 gallon. Second round of Maracyn, dosed General Cure on 10/6 and again 10/9, salt at 3 tablespoon a gallon. Left eye is popping out heinously. Noticed white nodes or fuzzy things from face area and mouth. Started Ick X dosing on 10/9. White hair like poop. Fish hasn't been observed eating and just kind of hovers around towards the surface or sits in java fern

I had an angelfish awhile back--sourced from same store--that had similar issue and ended up losing half of jaw and ended up dying. Any suggestions? 


The pictures upload upside down, the fish is still right side up at the moment. 


Temp 77

Zero ammonia, nitrite, nitrate

Ph 6.8

Gh 6.   Kh2


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Tried to get photos upright. Still loads upside down even when I flipped them in my photo album.
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