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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! So I got a question I have a tank right now that has a breeding pair of Kribensis they have spawned and only 8 Fry are swimming doing field trips around the tank it’s been about week now since I noticed them in the tank and maybe 4-5 days swimming outside with both parents. Today I came home from work and was noticing the 8 fry with there mom and I looked over to the dad and noticed a one little wiggler by himself like a little baby tadpole I see the yellow sac on the top of him/her eating away at matter on the bottom of my spider wood that I have in the tank. It’s this pairs first spawn together and while doing research I have seen multiple people have 30-100s of fry on there first batch. I was wondering maybe because in this tank I used to have two Cory’s and a single tiger barb with them but this weekend I removed them and placed them in my other tank I have. I did that of course to give the parents more room with the baby fry and of course they were becoming more aggressive as well. But non the less extremely exciting seeing a late bloomer I suppose 😂
  2. Just had what I believe is my first set of kribensis fry. Not 100% sure but sure seems to be. Mama krib chases off all other fish and they stay near her!
  3. I've had my pair of Kribensis for about 2 months. The female (Blue Jean Baby) has chased off the male (Tiny Dancer) until about a week ago when they both started digging. Today the male is protruding I believe. Below is a photo, is this a male? Does this signify the actual mating may begin? This is my first experience with this breed, and the first possible breeding of fish. Any help is most appreciated.
  4. My kribensis spawned last week, and aside from having them for less than two days before they laid eggs, I was also surprised to see the state of the fry when they first moved them. Most of the spawn was free of the yolk sac, but maybe two dozen of the fry still seemed to be in the "ball with a tail" stage. Is it possible that the female laid more eggs a few days after laying the first batch and these are just less developed? At this point that is the only hypothesis I can think of. I think her attempt to move them with the more developed fry is going to kill them, which is unfortunate but I don't think there is anything else to do about it. (Sorry if the photos appear upside down, I am not sure if that is just a preview thing)
  5. First, Temp78 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Gh/kh 3/3 Ph 7.0 I have a pair of pelviachromis taeniatus alone in a 29g with about 2 week old fry. Today I noticed the females color has completely changed and she looks a bit ragged. There's no change in her towards the fry but she is now hyper aggressive towards the male. This is their first spawn and also mine with dwarf cichlids. My concern is obviously what might be going on with her, but also if it would be a good idea to remove the fry to grow out in their own tank. Thanks all
  6. Hi, I currently have a planted 20 gallon long aquarium with a breeding group of albino corydoras, guppies, platys, one molly, one albino bristlenose pleco, and a pair of pelvicachromis pulchers. I keep the tank unheated, and it stays around 70-73 degrees since my home is pretty warm year round. Everybody is healthy and breeding. I just got the kribensis about 1 month ago, and I'm just wondering if they can breed in the temperature that I'm keeping them in right now?
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