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Red Root Floaters

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I am overrun with Red Root Floaters. Every other day I’m feeding our tortoises and chickens enough to completely cover a 10 gallon. I have friends wanting me to ship them some. Does anyone have pointers for shipping them? I hear they are the easiest to ship. Thanks so much!!


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Your chickens eat it? Cool. 

Mine won't touch the water lettuce or frogbit we have to toss out.

We run regular "free" ands sometimes locals come get it for tortoises or Koi ponds. I'd love to try red root but haven't seen them locally. 

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red root floaters are a bit delicate so do not include too much water. What i normally do is take a sturdy paper towel dip it in water and then wring it out; wrap the plants in it then put it in a zip lock bag. The idea is to keep it moist but not have so much water it will 'bang' against the plant. I've seen others do the same thing with news paper; the reason I prefer paper towels is that it doesn't fall apart creating a mess for the receiver to clean up. It is a little more expensive but i tend to use fix rate priority mail (I think $9); the small box - the reason is a box will prevent the sides from being squished as oppose to a padded package.

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