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Help me identify this thing in my tank after water change


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I’m worried I have 10 goldfish coming in mail tomorrow and I see this stuff in my tank….  The bugs on top I read harmless goldfish will eat them idk. I would love any help I don’t want get any my 10 orandas 3 months old sick but I think if it’s frog or somthing they will just eat them. I’m stomped I have nothing in tank can drop fry.


I have this little 10ish things swimming in 125g tank nothing old enough in tank. I  have 5 month old bristlenose 4 of them and had 4, 7 month old ranchus goldfish. I moved them few days ago get ready for new fish. I also have little bugs jumping on top of water I’ve read nothing worrie about. 

So is this like frog or somthing? I don’t think it’s a parasite or is it!!!?!


Doing water change it’s a mess but watch last 10 secs video best few pls


And here’s what’s on top of my water 



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That first and longer video would be a baby fish.  You must have had a hitchhiker on a plant or something from another tank or the fish store if you dont have anything old enough to breed in that tank.  But they could be from your Ranchus Goldfish.  I have had fish much younger spawn.

The second short video of the bugs are like you thought, nothing to worry about.  Whether they be aphids or springtails they are harmless to your fish.

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Thx I don’t need babies I guess goldfish will tank care of them! Just glad it’s not parasite I did trio quarantine for 8 weeks and went way heavier meds on all treatment then recommended. And even did one tablespoon per gallon salt treatment for 10 days ranchus are hardy.

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