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40 Gallon Planted Breeder Tank

Stacy Z

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I am starting a 40 gal planted tank for mostly nano fish. A little cloudy after planting the new plants from the website. Struggling with the tree as it’s taking a bit to water log and sink! It’s been in there 3 days now. Today was Day 1 of adding Green to start the nitrogen cycle. Will be a bit for FISH.


Endler BlackBar

Cherry Barbs

Celestial Danio

Neon Green Tetra


Ramshorn Snails

Threadfin Rainbows 

Anyone know how long a eucalyptus root takes to become waterlogged and sink? 


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It took my spiderwood at least a month, probably 2 or 3, to sink. I had rocks on top of it until it stopped floating. And my kids made me check about every other day.


I've your stocking. The only question/potential concern is the barbs. I have never kept them, but I think some varieties are a bit semi aggressive. I'd look into them.

The other suggestion I'd have is to look into getting a bottom dweller, maybe a corydoras species or kuhli loaches. 

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Better than hearing a year online for the wood.

I plan to get the African Frog to maintain the livebears. I forgot to add that. I don’t really like the loaches and I’ve have Corydora before. 
I currently have the 6 Cherry Barbs with my 1 Betta Koi in a 10 gal and apparently they aren’t as aggressive. Now my Males Barbs just matured and chase the females every so often BUT I have a 2/1 ratio with 6 of them. Sometimes they are all together in the caves I have, sleeping. NOW If they become a problem in the bigger setup I’ll put them back in with the Betta. He’s an odd ball Betta, he was raised In community tank when I got him. He’s Alpha and will stare at a fish to move, if they are in his path BUT has never attacked anything. Not even my Ramshorn snail. Got him before he matured accidentally and has not reproduced.

I’m a retired veteran so I work from home. Luckily I’ll will be able to watch everything take place, step by step, as I slowly add in each Species. My cats and I watch these fishes for stress relief for my PTSD. 

I appreciate the OK on my fish thoughts and the concerns, I also have, with the Barbs. Hopefully you like the Frog idea too. I’m hoping my Anbuis Gold Coin will grow up towards the water bit before those frogs come. 

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