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Algae battle tank

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I have a 5 gallon tank as an "extra" I was putting the fry from my guppies in there, but now only have a pair of platties which gave birth the day after I got them. I'm looking for a single plant to put in here to combat the algae.  It's not out of control. my other tank cleared up nicely after I added my last round of coop plants.  More and more ramshorn snails are appearing daily, but I will be removing them manually.  Just curious if anyone had experimented with single plants that can starve out the algae in the water. (I already reduced the light)

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Hornwort can grow inches in days and sucks nutrients like mad. It also releases a chemical that deters algae from growing so it has more nutrients for itself. I use it in my fry tank. You can float it it stick in a decor or suction cup to the wall it does not grow roots but loves light and low current

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