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White Clouds with NTD


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TLDR; What do I need to do before restocking a tank that had Neon Tetra Disease in it?

15 gallon tank with 13 long fin White Clouds (originally, down to 5 currently), also 3 ammano shrimp, a bunch of snails. Planted. Nitrates usually 20-40, 0 nitrites and ammonia, rock hard water (19 deg?), 72-ish degrees. 

I got this group of WCs from a breeder almost a year ago. I made a rookie mistake and tried to save on QT meds and quarantined them with some Petsmart Endlers that had callamanus worms. Went through a whole lot of work to clear that up with levamisole and didn't loose any of the WCs and everything was fine for several months. But then one day I found a corpse. I lost another a few months later. A few months later I noticed white lumps under their skin of all of them. Some got dropsy before passing away, some got bent spines. I did another round of quarantine trio and then a full treatment of ich-x and maracyn. Now I'm down to 5 (and several of those are soon to pass). I feel like the signs are pretty solid that they have NTD and I'm not sure if they came that way from the breeder and it's just taken this long to take them down or maybe those sickly endlers gave that to them as well. But I'm resigned that they will likely all pass soon enough.

So my real question is what will I need to do to the tank before I can safely put new fish in it? Can I just run it without fish for a month or two and then restock? Do I have to break it all down and bleach it all? Can the shrimp/snails/plants go into other tanks without problems? I had broken up some larger plants from this tank and put them in other tanks (before I realized what I was dealing with), should I assume those tanks are contaminated now too? How do I move on from here? 




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Sound like your have mycobacteria infection before adding any new fish you will have to disinfect the whole tank and equipment with  ethyl alcohol or bleach  bin any substrate and plants I wouldn't add your shrimp.or snails to another tank just to be on safe side 

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