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Lone survivor now lethargic, maybe sick


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7.4 pH, 0 Ammonia, 0 NO2, 20-30 NO3, don't have a hardness test but very hard well water. 20L, planted tank.


Had 10 guppies and a dwarf gourami and 2 Amano shrimp. I think 3 weeks ago, I had ich and fin rot. I treated for ich, couldn't get erythromycin in time. All but 1 guppy died (shrimp are just fine). I was sort-of depressed about it so I started a quarantine tank. 

The problem: now that 1 remaining guppy was just sitting on a plant this morning. He was upright flapping his fins, and he perked up when I turned on his light. I turned it back out and worked out for an hour. When I turned it back on, he was just laying on the bottom. Again, he perked up. I fed him. He started swimming around. I think he ate. His fins seem fine.

I might move him to the quarantine tank and hit him with the 5 day ich and erythromycin plan. I can't find general cure anywhere locally so I guess I'll order it and hope he doesn't die before it gets here.

Couldn't get a decent picture. Here's the best I could do.


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