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  1. Would 82 degrees be too much for my shrimp?
  2. I'm sorry I really struggled on these. Let me know if they're still not helpful.
  3. I have a guppy with a fin that looks like it's covered in cotton. I observe this aquarium up close several times a day and this snuck up within the last 12 hours. I can't for the life of me get a picture of her. I'm warming up a quarantine tank. What should I treat with? Any other advice? 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 20 Nitrates Ph 7.4 76 degrees I don't have a hardness test
  4. Are you saying I could be using my regular water even after it's been through the water softener?
  5. I'm really enjoying plants. I did a ton of reading, wound up really confused. I decided to just buy a bunch of them and see which ones died. None of them died!
  6. Thanks! I am using plants and moss. I'm using fluval stratum capped with sand. How do plants help water from the water softener?
  7. I'm pretty new. I just started keeping fish this summer. I completely love it. I bought this house recently. It has a water softener from like 1975. The bypass is stuck, and I can't turn the water softener off. I've been getting water from the garden hose because it doesn't go through the water softener. Anyway, I noticed my fish weren't looking so great and tested my water; my nitrates were too high. I changed probably 3 gallons in my 20 long. Almost immediately, they were better, so I did another 5 gallon water change, but then they didn't look so good again. The next day, they were great. They were swimming around, investigating things, grouping up (guppies), acting just how they should. I think they were shocked from the temperature. It did drop by a degree or two when I changed that water. I really want to be able to match temperatures and do a water change whenever I need to, but I have this undesired water softener, and I can't turn it off. Is there anything I can do to my softened water to make it okay to use for water changes? PS I love my guppies so much.
  8. I'm pretty new, too, and I had exactly the same thing happen to me. My new tank got really cloudy and stayed that way for probably more than a week. A Petco employee told me to wait it out. One day, the water was crystal clear. It just turned clear overnight. It was like magic. 3 months later, it's still crystal clear. It's actually more clear than my tap water some how. Really beautiful.
  9. 7.4 pH, 0 Ammonia, 0 NO2, 20-30 NO3, don't have a hardness test but very hard well water. 20L, planted tank. Had 10 guppies and a dwarf gourami and 2 Amano shrimp. I think 3 weeks ago, I had ich and fin rot. I treated for ich, couldn't get erythromycin in time. All but 1 guppy died (shrimp are just fine). I was sort-of depressed about it so I started a quarantine tank. The problem: now that 1 remaining guppy was just sitting on a plant this morning. He was upright flapping his fins, and he perked up when I turned on his light. I turned it back out and worked out for an hour. When I turned it back on, he was just laying on the bottom. Again, he perked up. I fed him. He started swimming around. I think he ate. His fins seem fine. I might move him to the quarantine tank and hit him with the 5 day ich and erythromycin plan. I can't find general cure anywhere locally so I guess I'll order it and hope he doesn't die before it gets here. Couldn't get a decent picture. Here's the best I could do.
  10. I'm in Wisconsin. I had a bad group of pet store guppies that wiped out a bunch of other stuff before I realized what was going on. I'm treating for ich, I have some erythromycin in the mail, and I'll treat with that when it gets here, but I think I'm done with pet stores. Does it matter where I am geographically when ordering fish? Can I use Aqua-huna even though they're in Washington? Considering that I'm in Wisconsin, where should I be ordering from? BTW, I started a quarantine tank to avoid this in the future.
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