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Guppy in distress!!


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Hi! I have had this guppy for 6 months, he's a male. Some months ago, he was bullied by a Danio so he kept hiding most of the day, eventually he had fin rot, because of the stress (or that's what I think)... I separated them.

I gave him kanaplex by seachem to recover his fins, it started to work. His behavior was now ok, he swam free and happy, no more bullies around!

A month after that he started having long strings of poop, even when they where not white, I thought it could be parasites, so I gave him metroplex by seachem. Nothing seemed to happen.

2 more months after (nowadays) he has been behaving odd. He doesn't move from the same spot near the surface 😞 and he barely eats, He is skinny and pale. I have examined him and he doesn't have anything on his scales, his gills, his fins or his eyes. He seems to be ok (except for the faded color)

Please someone tell me what could possibly be happening :( I love this lil dude. My other two male guppies seem to be doing really well.

Nitrate 10, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, GH 300, chlorine 0, Kh 300, PH 8.4

Sorry for the long post and blurry picture!





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Antiparasitic / dewormer must be treated full term full dose 2 sometimes 3 times a week apart in a row as the meds only work on adults not eggs. 
he does not look too skinny he may have not gotten over the internal bacterial infection. Maracyn and paracleanse fix my guppies right up. They are ALWAYA in bad shape when I get them no matter where I get them

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:01 PM, Adrjhpd3 said:

Thanks for your advice! But :( it seems that they don't sell both of the products you mention, I can't find them anywhere (Mexico city). Any other ideas??

Ask @Colu I think he is familiar with what meds are available in different countries I’m clueless about that. 

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I don't no what meds are available in Mexico see if you can get a product containing praziquantel or flubendazole or levamisole for parasites an antibiotic med containing e minocycline erythromycin or kanamycin for bacterial infection

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