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NERM day Fish Taco Party!


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Fish Taco Party Thread!

Happy NERM day!

(If you’re seeing this post and it’s not Wednesday yet, sorry—I wanted to get it up before I went to bed! 😄 )

Today, to celebrate the CARE forum turning 1 year old, and in honor of our fearless leader @Cory, feed your fish a “taco!”

Post the video or pictures here so we can all appreciate the feast. (Fair warning—we may appreciate your home-made tacos more than your fish. 😜)

For some taco-making tips, and to read about my first failed attempt at this endeavor, see this post here.

Happy Anniversary, CARE forum! 🎉

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I got all fancy with my video and added a soundtrack. This was entirely unnecessary. XD

My favorite parts are watching Dad Fish trying to figure out what the heck was floating at the top of the aquarium, and the fact that Mom Fish and Dad Fish found the dinner very romantic. (Though honestly they find most dinners romantic.)



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