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Angel Fish Pimple


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  • PH: 7.8 - 8.0
  • Nitrates: 30
  • Hardness: 300+
  • Nitrite: 0
  • Ammonia: 0
  • Alkalinity: 120 - 130
  • Water Temperature: 76.5
  • Hi all! My Grandson’s 5 year old angel fish has what appears to be a couple of pimples and I’m not sure what to treat it with or if it’s even treatable. He had a pimple about a month ago but it went away and it looks like two are coming back. The largest pimple is protruding about 1/16”+. The dark spot above the pimple that’s protruding the most is where the previous pimple was that went away. If anyone has ran into this before or has any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  • AC8FE603-235C-4EF6-8CBA-62D9865569D4.jpeg.e7ce8f8620a67d0aab084361bde08ce9.jpegE3833914-16B1-4ACA-922E-37C264826018.jpeg.2098feb154dfbc3c7bebf814f9479a67.jpeg
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White spots are usually an indicator of ich, which is a type of parasite. The most common treatment is Ich-X, though aquarium salt is also a solution. Irene has written a couple of articles on the disease for Aquarium Co-Op and there is also an article about treating disease with aquarium salt. Hope this helps.



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1 minute ago, Lizzie Block said:

I am really not that knowledgeable on keeping fish, is this what they call hole in the head disease? 

I don't think hole in the head is very likely. Most cases will cause some form of long-term disfigurement. Here's a quick example of what it looks like at different stages vs. a healthy oscar.HITH-4.jpg.70edc414a9d3e864c7517d6a34953622.jpg

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Not much change today but it looks like another one may be forming. His appetite is still strong and he’s still very active. 

I was able to do a little research today and it looks like it might be Hexamitiasis / hole in the head. We are going to give it one more day with salt @ 82 degrees and then he will go into a quarantine tank and be treated with more heat, Paracleanse, Maracyn and Ich-X to see if it helps any.

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For anyone following or searching in the future, everything seemed to work out well, he’s a little stressed in this photo as he was just removed from the QT tank and placed back in his regular tank. There appears to be a few marks from the infection but all in all he’s looking pretty good.


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